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We combine decades of board experience, management expertise, and consumer focus to enhance your future success.

The firm’s board expertise comes from serving on Boards, helping Boards perform self-evaluations, and decades of preparing agendas and materials that frame up critically important issues for Board decision. We understand and help strengthen Boards through all kinds of business cycles. We know about riding the wave of good times, and about facing tough decisions in downtimes or in times of crisis. We know how to do market analysis, and make solid growth plans – in short, how to do strategic planning well. We know about relationships with your constituents and the important role your health facilities play in your communities. To us, and to patients, healthcare is near-sacred when it works effectively. The Dahlen Company excels in facilitating retreats and in classroom style discussions where you can hold candid dialog and open exchange of ideas.

The Dahlen Company, LLC helps healthcare organizations compete in an uncertain environment.

Gretchen M. Dahlen, CEO, The Dahlen Company, LLC

The Dahlen Company’s management expertise comes from a solid track record of CEO positions and line management accomplishments. Our CEO has turned around companies with financial problems, grown companies by expanding or acquiring new service lines, managed corporate mergers and integrations, created business plans, consolidated services, enhanced employee satisfaction, negotiated reimbursement contracts, established and maintained full accreditation, improved patient satisfaction, handled quality performance problems delicately, and rebuilt community relationships. In recent years, The Dahlen Company has added Interim CEO services to help healthcare organizations during sudden leadership changes. We have first-hand experience in acute care and critical access hospitals, health systems, ambulatory care, long-term care, home health, federally qualified health centers, healthcare associations, healthcare management companies and more.

The Dahlen Company’s consumer focus has its roots in the Quality Improvement movement of the late 1980s, long before medical errors were known or reported to the public. Now, a full generation later, healthcare has definitely improved, but still has some distance to go to fully meet expectations of quality and safety. In 2006, The Dahlen Company launched a ground-breaking website called Consumer Health Ratings, “your guide to online healthcare ratings”. By informing consumers about where they could find the comparisons online, we added momentum to the transparency movement. The site grew quickly. In 2007, WNBC New York recognized the emerging trend and featured the work of Consumer Health Ratings. With more consumers using the ratings – and choosing higher quality health care – healthcare organizations had yet another reason to strive for excellence. The Dahlen Company has been deeply engaged and donated time to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 100,000 Lives Campaign, the Boards on Board initiative and the National Baldrige Quality Award program. Today, we bring a consumer focus to our consulting, retreats and management engagements.

The Dahlen Company was founded in 1993. Gretchen Dahlen, FACHE, has served as its President since its inception.

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